Burst For Enterprise

Using user-generated content to create a personalized and engaging brand experience.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital Instantly

Marketing Professionals

Add mobile video to personalize your sales, marketing and training campaigns and drive stronger engagement with your brand.  

Innovation Leaders

Create a unique experience for customer and differentiate your brand. Enhance your reputation as an innovator in the market. 

Sales Leaders

Burst makes sales training easy. User-generated video is better than virtually any other content and digital video monetizes 5x better than traditional content. Burst delivers a new way to train your sales team. 

Technology Leaders

With Burst, you’re able to provide compelling, first-person content to your customers while generating more scale. 

Digital Strategists

Maintain a continuous stream of video content that can be delivered across multiple platforms, widely shared, and easily curated. 

Social Media Experts

Take control of your brand’s marketing. Social media platforms build their own brand on the back of your content. However with Burst, you control your brand’s content, monetize the inventory through marketing sales, and determine how social media is distributed. 

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