Producers & Editors

Do you need to integrate mobile video from viewers or reporters without disrupting your workflow? Burst makes it easy and seamless.

Mobile Video to Broadcast & Digital, Instantly

Anxious to deliver compelling video to Broadcast, Digital and OTT?

Producers and Editors like you tell us that they are anxious for more compelling video content for their Broadcast, Digital and OTT applications. With Burst, Producers and Editors can get compelling mobile video content from fans, citizen journalists, athletes, celebrities and journalists from their Mobile Phones to their desired distribution point; Instantly! 

Concerned about using UGC without disrupting existing workflows?

We get your business! Broadcast studios, control rooms and trucks are busy places with limited resources. Suppose Burst had a solution for getting mobile video off the phones of fans, citizen journalists, athletes, celebrities and journalists without disrupting your current workflows? We've invested a great deal of time ensuring you can use existing tools like EVS, Avid, NewTek, Ross and GrassValley to name a few without leaving your existing workflows. Need API's to integrate into your tools/platforms? We have those too! 

Worried about how to make your OTT App sticky?

You have created an OTT App. What next? Suppose Burst could provide you with a platform that allowed you to crowd source mobile videos from your fans and integrate that into your OTT App? Burst heard from Publishers and Editors like you who are looking to make their OTT App a regular destination and not just a vehicle for binge watching. The data our platform provides, data social networks quarantine, empowers you to make content recommendations and target ads. 

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